Exploring Tezos & their recent Sapling integration

Episode 130 · May 20th, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

In this week's episode, Anna interviews three people from the Tezos community: Jacob Arluck (co-founders TQ ), Marc Beunardeau and Marco Stronati (both from Nomadic Labs). They chat about the Tezos origin story, the development of the PoS system, the governance of Tezos, and how they are incorporating zk proofs - and specifically Sapling from Zcash - into their system.

Here is some additional info related to the interview:
Nomadic blog post about the Sapling integration
Tezos implementation of Sapling
Wired article about early Tezos issues
Transparent Polynomial Delegation and Its Applications to Zero Knowledge Proof

Thank you to this week's sponsor - Trail of Bits.

Trail of Bits has partnered with Johns Hopkins University to supply vulnerability researchers with software that can produce ZK proofs of exploitability. This is part of a larger effort funded by DARPA, called SIEVE, to push forward the state of the art in zero-knowledge proofs. For more info check out their blog!


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