Findora with Benedikt Bunz and Ben Fisch

Episode 139 · July 22nd, 2020 · 56 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

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This week, we catch up with Benedikt Bunz and Ben Fisch, PhD students at Stanford, once again. In this episode, we dive deeper into Findora, a project that was co-founded by Ben (who is also the CTO) and where Benedikt works as the Head of Research. We look at what the Findora project is, discuss the "selective disclosure" concept at the heart of their constructions, explore the balance between transparency and privacy and describe what problems Findora aims to solve.

For some background on our guests, check out these previous episode with Benedikt Bunz on Bulletproofs and Ben Fisch on Accumulators

Here are some additional relevant links:
Findora's site
Alan Szepieniec on Supersonics - 11:33
Ben Fisch on Supersonics at the SF zkSummit in Oct 2019

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