Statistical modeling of PoS systems with Tarun Chitra

Episode 61 · January 23rd, 2019 · 59 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, we chat with Tarun Chitra about a broad range on topics, from his work on early non-blockchain ASICs, to making models in high frequency trading, and the nuances of statistical modeling of PoS systems in blockchain.

Tarun's new company Gauntlet is building a simulation platform for crypto networks to help developers understand how decisions about security, governance and consensus mechanisms are likely to affect network activity and asset value.

Here are a few of the articles that we discuss:

We also mention a previous episode with Axel Ericsson from Vest that you can find here -->

For a bit more about Tarun, follow him on Twitter, or check out this Vice Article about his past work at D.E. Shaw Research creating simulation models of glass molecules.

Special thanks to this week's sponsor: Trail of Bits.

If you want to find out more about JP Smith's extreme security challenge we mentioned at the beginning of this episode, you can find his write-up on the Trail of Bits blog here --> What do La Croix, octonions, and Second Life have in common?

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