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Zero Knowledge Summit - ZK0x03

Join us in Berlin on March 22nd 2019 for the next upcoming Zero Knowledge Summit - ZK0x03. In this edition, we will be focusing on zero knowledge topics, zkSNARK, MPCs, STARKs and blockchain scaling solutions.

This one-day invite-only event will feature the following speakers & topics:

- Ahivu Levy (StarkWare Industries) discussing scalability with STARKs
- Harry Roberts (Ethsnarks) sharing the history of high-level programming languages for making zk proofs
- John 'Tux' Pacific (Nucypher) on fully homomorphic encryption
- Jordi Baylina (Iden3) on Circom and Snarkjs
- Izaak Meckler (CODA Protocol) on the secrets of SNARK programming
- Alex Vlasov (Matter Labs) on scaling & privacy with zkSNARKs in Ethereum
- Aurélien Nicolas (QED-it, discussing zk standards
- Zachary Williamson (Aztec Protocol) on ERC-1724 confidential digital assets 
- Igor Barinov (POA Network) on scaling with xDai and side chains
- Jonathan Levi (HACERA) on ZKPs for both permissioned and permissionless blockchains

There will also be discussions on SONICs, confidential transaction scheme based on 1-out-of-N proofs, GDPR and privacy of Zcash shielded transactions as well as deep-dive workshops on practical use and implementation of ZKPs, building a STARK with pen and paper, and more!!

Attendants will primarily be researchers, cryptographers, practitioners, founders and developers working on zero knowledge topics. If you fall into these categories, please do sign-up here:

** Please note: space is very limited and not all applicants will be guaranteed a ticket. We prioritise members of the community working on zero knowledge topics. **

It is hosted by the ZeroKnowledge Podcast and will cost 115 euro. These funds will be used to cover costs of venue and production costs. Limited scholarships and discounted tickets will be also available.

Here is a look at our last event to give you an idea of what to expect: