Zero Knowledge

Zero Knowledge Summit - ZK0x04

Zero Knowledge Summit - ZK0x04

Join us in San Francisco on Oct 26th 2019 for the next upcoming Zero Knowledge Summit - ZK0x04. This upcoming edition will be showcasing the latest in zero knowledge research, SNARKs, universal trusted set-ups, recursive proof systems, cryptographic primitives, privacy, scaling and maths.

Attendants will primarily be researchers, cryptographers, practitioners, founders and developers working on zero knowledge topics. If you fall into these categories, please do apply to attend -->> HERE

This one-day invite-only event will consist of a mixture of topic oriented talks & workshops.

Here are a few of the initial speakers:

  • Ben Fisch (PhD Applied Crypto Group at Stanford) - Supersonic SNARKs: Trustless with Logarithmic Verification
  • Zac Williamson (CTO, Aztec Protocol) - Into the deep end: making sense of PLONK
  • Pratyush Mishra (PhD UC Berkeley, ZEXE Protocol) - Marlin: Preprocessing zkSNARKs with Universal and Updatable SRS
  • Remco Bloemen (0x) - Introducing OpenZKP Stark
  • James Prestwich (Co-founder, Summa) - ZKPs and interoperability
  • Sean Bowe (Engineer at ECC/Zcash) - Halo: Recursive Proofs without Trusted Setups
  • Georgios Konstantopoulos - Groth16 is not dead: Exploring the tradeoff space of Zero Knowledge Proof Systems

We will also be welcoming our friends from o1Labs, Nucypher and more

Here is a look at our last event to give you an idea of what to expect: